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Recent News

August 2017

Banking & Finance: Mr Razack Peeroo SC GSOK wins the case of Anderson Ross Consulting Ltd wherein he defended the managing director of Anderson Ross Consulting Ltd who stood charged under three counts in breach of Financial Intelligence and Anti Money laundering Act 2002.

August 2017

Nomination: Mr Razack Peeroo SC GSOK appears for A Jowaheer in the case of A Jowaheer versus The Royal Holloway College I.P.O Private Secondary Education Authority. In the light of the stand taken by the PSSA in the Supreme Court case of N Rughoo Versus Private Secondary Schools Authority I.P.O Arya Sabha mauritius, Me A Jowaheer was successfully appointed as Senior Educator.

July 2017

Nomination: Mr Razack Peeroo SC GSOK appears for the applicnt in the Supreme Court case of N Rughoo versus Private Secondary Schools Authority I.P.O Arya Sabha Mauritius wherein the supreme court shed light on the powers of the Private Secondary Schools Authority within the purview the PSSA Act in matters of Promotion. N Rughoo was successfully appointed as Senior Educator.

April 2017

Commercial Litigation: Razack Peeroo SC instructed in 3 related claims of approximately Rs 38 Millions in total involving complex insurance and investment fund issues before the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court.

December 2016

International Arbitration: Jamsheed Peeroo successfully obtains an order to enforce an ICC international arbitration award in favour of a leading worldwide group in the tourism sector as well as an ex parte interim injunction in support of enforcement proceedings.

June 2016

Energy and Infrastructure: Jamsheed Peeroo advises a leading international group in the global energy sector in setting up a corporate structure for the African market.

March 2016

International Arbitration: Jamsheed Peeroo successfully assists an investment fund in reaching a favourable settlement in relation to the enforcement of an international arbitration award.

December 2015

Maritime & Shipping Law:

Khushal Lobine appears for the shipping vessel, MV Magnet Star, which was under seizure, in its successful release.

June 2015

Mining, BITs, DTAs and Arbitration: Jamsheed Peeroo speaks at the International Mining Conference, Mines and Money Africa 2015, on the importance of Bilateral Investment Treaties (BITs) for Mining Ventures in Africa and, in particular, on investment protection, on adopting the right structure in order to benefit from both DTAs and BITs, and on Investment Arbitration before Ad hoc tribunals and the ICSID: http://www.minesandmoney.com/mauritius/

April 2015

Banking & Finance: Razack Peeroo SC appears for the former Permanent Secretary (PS) of the Ministry of Industry & Commerce in the highly publicised case of BETAMAX. Following his arrest, the former PS was conditionally released Wednesday, 22nd of April 2015 after giving two sureties of MUR 15,000 each and signed an acknowledgment of debt of MUR 200,000.

March 2015

Banking & Finance: Razack Peeroo SC is instructed as counsel for the managing director of Anderson Ross Consulting Ltd and the company itself. The managing director is suspected of having transferred a sum which he had reasonable grounds for suspecting to have been derived, in whole, indirectly from crime.

March 2015

Criminal Law: Assad Peeroo appears for the star witness in the matter of the homicide of Iqbal Toofany. The latter was allegedly brutally murdered in police cell by 5 police officers.

October 2014

International Arbitration: Jamsheed Peeroo advises Hewlett-Packard as co-counsel in relation to a high profile on-going appeal case before the Supreme Court involving a potential international commercial arbitration in Switzerland.

April 2014

Employment Law: Jamsheed Peeroo advises the Central Electricity Board in relation to collective bargaining and the funding of pension benefits and salaries of some 2000 employees.

January 2014

Banking & Finance: Jamsheed Peeroo acts as counsel before the Commercial Division of the Supreme Court in relation to a dispute over the payment of a performance bond issued by our client, the GFA Insurance Company Ltd.

January 2014

International Business Law: Jamsheed Peeroo provides legal advice to Soletanche-Bachy on an international bid worth USD 172 Million for the extension of Port Louis harbour in Mauritius involving a potential joint venture agreement with a local entity, international construction procedures and regulations, public procurement and potential tax benefits.

November 2013

Banking & Finance: Jamsheed Peeroo defends Eastern Properties & Investment Co ltd against a claim for non-payment under a lease agreement and the claim worth MUR 30 Million is successfully struck out.

August 2013

Judicial Review: Jamsheed Peeroo challenges, on behalf of a consortium of more than 30 authorised vehicles importers the imposition of the new regulation on the importation of vehicles from Japan. Leave for Judicial Review was obtained from the bench and the case is to be heard before a two-judge panel including the Chief Justice.

May 2013

Corporate Litigation: Assad Peeroo appears as counsel for the high profile alleged corporate fraud which occurred at Mauritius Duty Free Paradise.

January 2013

Construction Law: Jamsheed Peeroo advises Jin Fei in relation to the development of a future project on legal aspects of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agreement, the possible financing structure and issues of guarantee of payment and profit.

October 2012

Construction Arbitration: Jamsheed Peeroo obtains an ex parte interim injunction in support of arbitration thereby restraining the main contractor from substituting a sub-contractor in relation to the renovation and part-reconstruction of a hospital.

July 2012

Corporate Litigation: Jamsheed Peeroo represents a number of companies and sociétés and a shareholder, director and partner in complex, consolidated Supreme Court proceedings involving corporate, contractual, financial, property law and construction issues before the Mediation Division.

June 2012

White-Collar Crime: Assad Peeroo instructed to appear in a highly-mediatized trial involving a politically appointed director who has allegedly fraudulently taken company property.

May 2012

International Arbitration: Jamsheed Peeroo dellivers a lecture on the Role of Courts in International Arbitration during a Practitioners' Training Day organised by the Permanent Court of Arbitration of the Hague and Young ICCA in Mauritius.

February 2012

International Family Law: Assad Peeroo instructed to represent a Mauritian citizen in an appeal before the Supreme Court in a case of wrongful detention of his children brought from Switzerland for their safety under the Hague Convention 1980.

January 2012

Banking and Finance: Razack Peeroo SC appears in high profile litigation before the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court on the nonpayment of a banking letter of credit worth around MUR 23 million.

November 2011

Construction Law: Razack Peeroo SC advises on the validity of a contractual variation of nearly MUR 300 million in a major infrastructural project.

October 2011

Taxation: Razack Peeroo SC argues an appeal before the Supreme Court on the constitutionality of Taxation legislation applicable to private companies.

July 2011

International Trade: Jamsheed Peeroo represents and advises foreign clients on the contractual and financial aspects of a number of deals worth a total of around USD 250M, involving the international sale of petroleum derivatives and coal.

May 2011

Banking: Razack Peeroo SC represents his client in an appeal case before the Supreme Court on the issue of law repeal by implication in relation to a bank's seizure and sale of property

April 2011

Arbitration: Razack Peeroo SC wins an arbitration worth more than Rs 50M for the CEB and the CEB Staff Fund.

April 2011

Investment in Property:: Razack Peeroo SC, Khushal Lobine and Jamsheed Peeroo assist international investors in the construction of several villas in a world heritage UNESCO site under the Residential Estate Scheme (RES).

April 2011

Construction Law: Assad Peeroo advises on contracts for the construction of the first 6-star hotel in Mauritius.

March 2011

Cross-border Employment: Assad Peeroo successfully obtains ten specific performance orders from the Supreme Court against international employees of his client.

February 2011

International Arbitration: Jamsheed Peeroo provides consultancy advice to service provider in relation to the setting up of video-conferencing facilities specially designed to comply with international arbitration standards.

December 2010

Oil Supply / Insurance: Jamsheed Peeroo successfully negotiates a settlement in an accident linked to a specific type of petrol pumps.

December 2010

International Arbitration: Jamsheed Peeroo participates in roundtable discussion organised by YIAG, ICC YAF and Young ICCA with leading international arbitration practitioners and experts.

November 2010

Construction Law:: Razack Peeroo SC advises international company on contract for a Hydro Power Plant.

October 2010

Tenders: Razack Peeroo SC represents client before the IRP in relation to international bid for power station extension.

September 2010

Environmental Law: Razack Peeroo SC hired as counsel in relation to used oil spill.

September 2010

Arbitration: Razack Peeroo SC retained as counsel in arbitration involving the Central Electricity Board.

August 2010

International Banking: Razack Peeroo SC and Khushal Lobine appear as counsel in an alleged swindling of millions of dollars by way of banking documents.

August 2010

Patents & Trademarks: Assad Peeroo’s services retained by a private company in relation to the importation of alleged fake products.

August 2010

Tenders: Razack Peeroo SC represents a Property Investment Company in challenging a tender of about Rs 42M before the Independent Review Panel. The challenge was successful.

July 2010

International Arbitration: Jamsheed Peeroo nominated as Country Rapporteur in relation to the recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards.

July 2010

Film Production: Assad Peeroo advises the producer of the film entitled “Paradis An Dey” on censorship and freedom of information.